How Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

How Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO

Can the hosting company you choose affect your SEO? The unfortunate answer is yes. Canada web hosting services offer your business the opportunity to grow and get more traffic. SEO is very relevant for the growth of your business, don’t allow wrong decision to spoil it for you.

Downtime Not Good For SEO

When your site is down all the time, search engines will have a problem ranking it. They don’t want to promote a web page only to thousands of visitors to get there and see nothing but space. Poor web hosting is one of the biggest culprits of website downtime.

Slow Loading Time Kills SEO

When visitors get to your site, they want to be able to quickly move around, find what they are looking for and get out. Slow loading time will make them leave faster, and that will send a wrong message to search engines that people are leaving your site because you have nothing to offer. Reliable Canada web hosting services ensure that your website loads faster.

Location of Your Server

Geo-targeting has become one of the biggest tools Google uses in ranking websites. If you host your website outside of your location, you will be losing so much in traffic that is meant for you. Websites hosted in their locality get the chance of appearing at the top of the search engine.

Server Quality Affects SEO

The quality of your web hosting company’s server regarding space, bandwidth and so on have a serious effect on your SEO. Choosing a company with better server quality means that your pages will load faster and people will leave good reviews about your website, which is appreciated by search engines.

Choosing the right Canada web hosting services will improve your SEO, get your webpages to the front page of search engine results and bring more traffic. This will bring more customers and more money.

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