The Open Secrets about Mark Hurd’s Life

The Open Secrets about Mark Hurd’s Life

Mark Hurd is the joint CEO of Oracle, a tech giant of the world. The world knows how hard Mark has worked for the company to take it to new heights of success and take it a $37 billion dollar company. It is not easy to get inside Website while he is performing the role of the leader of one of the largest tech companies of the world. However, one gets a chance to peek into the life of the CEO of Oracle during OpenWorld tech conference that the company organizes every year at San Francisco. Thousands of clients, vendors, partners and enthusiasts descend upon the city to attend this conference.


It is a busy week for Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, and also for the legendary founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison. At this year’s conference, Mark met hundreds of customers, analysts, and other professionals in groups or one to one meeting. He was seen answering questions, solving problems, giving examinations and assurances, and talking about company’s plans and strategies.


There are many interesting facts about Mark Hurd’s life that most people are unaware of.


Did you know that he paid for his college fees through a tennis scholarship? Yes, he did his BBA from Baylor University where he got admission through a tennis scholarship. Mark repaid though much later in his life though when he gave away a large sum of money to his Alma Mata for the renovation of the tennis centre there.


Mark Hurd has been a leader of 3 tech companies. Most people know about Oracle and HP but Mark has also served NCR Corporation and that too for 25 long years. In his brief stint with HP, he brought the company back on rails. It was under his stewardship that HP became profitable once again.

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